We proudly recommend you all our therapists. Each and every of our therapists is different, having distinct personality, sensitivity and sensuality, fun and humor. Thus, every massage will be completely personalized, you will never receive the same massage technique, we will develop together a beautiful friendship and trust based long term relationship. One of our values is the confidentiality of our professional relationship.

Our massage therapists - London


Mobile Massage London - Petruta


Mobile Massage London - Diane


Mobile Massage London - Alex


Maria Professional Massage Therapist London


Nisa and Vivien

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“I tried three of your therapists. It was an incredible experience every time! Great pressure, amazingly relaxing, great skills “  -Bastille

“Two soft, magic hours perfect for me at the end of a hard week. My therapist was so friendly and funny. She managed to make me feel very comfortable with myself and very sleepy. I strongly recommend your services“- Amanda

“Very simple to book and very pleased with the massage!” – Chris

“I was very impressed with the attitude of my therapist. It was really natural and easy to relax” - Castillo

“ I travel all over UK with my work. When I am in Birmingham, the first thing I do is book a 90 minutes jet- lag massage or a Swedish massage and just let my therapist take good care of me” – Jack.


"Aisha was perfect. Great hands and such a lovely personality too . Wonderful! " - Marie


"Amazing treatment, very good! " - Alexander

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Every therapist is a professional, so please treat them with the respect they deserve by not asking for inappropiate services.
Our company offer only professional massages!