Our massages focuses on improving your body condition and relaxing you mind. Every style of massage is unique and always about your relaxtion and creating complete harmony between body, mind and inner state. 
     Massage improves :
• Sleep
• Digestion
• Stress & Anxiety
• Mood
• Healing From Injury & Illness
• Immune System
• Elimination Of Toxins
• Energy Levels
After a good massage you will have a lasting feeling of wellness which contributes towards a better life quality. 
Is it time you relaxed and pampered yourself ! 
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Below we have some OFFERS we know you'll ENJOY ! 

Birmingham only

Relaxing  Massage


It's time for yourself to relax!


Do you want the ultimate pamper package? Enjoy this package with your favourite therapist and receive 3 hours for the special price of £115 - BOOK NOW ! 

4 Hands Massage


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This month we give you a VOUCHER ; CODE : HAPPINES and you get 120 minutes - £160 with your favourite therapists! 

JET-LAG Massage


Have you had a long flight ?


Treat yourself to a refreshing JET -LAG massage after a long journey and renew yourself! Today our price for this wonderful treatment is just £40 !

Our tailored treatments delivered to your place:

Sweedish massage
Relaxing massage
Deep tissue massage
Lomi Lomi massage
Jet Lag massage
Reflexology massage
Sport and streching massage
Hot stone massage
Full body massage
Face,head, neck, back and shoulders massage
Four-hand massage
Couple massage
Waxing package

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Make-up packages

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Special Manicure & Pedicure Package